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El handasia Group for architectural Designs

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HGAD established with a clear strategy and work through which it presents a new concept of living through Providing a wide range of integrated real estate and development projects that combine buildings High-end and visionary residential, administrative, commercial, cultural, educational, sports and recreational buildings long term for both its clients and business partners. The one that distinguishes it from other companies Other leading contracting in the same field, as the company specialized in integrated finishes management solutions and a pioneer in the field of architectural designs, is a member of the Egyptian Federation of Contractors Construction and building in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Quality & Safety Policies

The elements of quality and safety are among the most important elements that the company places among its priorities that cannot be Do not tolerate it, as the company's concept of quality is built on a fundamental basis that is never affected, no matter what Circumstances and no matter how different the prices, as the company is keen to provide high-quality services that meet the the needs of its customers in accordance with the applicable laws, current regulations and international standards, The company's quality policy is the permanent examination and periodic monitoring of various works with Monitoring the performance of performance indicators for all employees of the company and measuring the extent of customer satisfaction with services provided by them, taking all safety and security precautions.

The core values

Who Are We ?


We seek to be the company of the highest standing and the best performer in field and architectural activities and integrated finishes by providing modern architecture with unique aesthetic features and innovative and elegant designs that leave an aesthetic and positive impact on our society, with our commitment to integrity, honesty and craftsmanship with the constant investment of thought and creativity to expand geographically in the regional market and bring architectural designs new to Egypt.


We in this company have a strong goal in building long-term partnerships through the implementation of contracting contracts in the field of integrated aluminum systems as well as finishes of all kinds. Competitiveness in the labor market.


  • Our mission in this company lies in spreading the culture of quality with its true concept in the field of contracting, where the company has specialized and deepened in the field of various finishes of all kinds with the finest materials and the most appropriate prices while maintaining the principle of appropriate profitability, as it works with local and imported materials and accessories according to the customer’s desire and at the same level of accuracy and finishing. ...which has earned it a reputation in the development field for innovative, intelligent, environmentally conscious finishing designs as well as Luxurious and high-quality finishing with a commitment to speedy implementation, accuracy of work and delivery before the completion date.
  • All work is carried out in the company's factories with the highest levels of accuracy and the latest machinery and equipment equipped with modern technology and electronic software specialized in managing advanced engineering business systems. It has also always sought to develop, which made it combine originality and long experience that has been transmitted from generation to generation in the areas of development and the use of the latest construction methods and technology.
  • The company owns many technical support offices by employing a distinguished team of engineers and supervisors inspired by the same thought, in addition to forming quality assurance units that receive the various works before handing them over to the The client is under the supervision of highly experienced technical consultant engineers... We strive to achieve quality..
  • We take into account the smallest details and aim for creativity. The success of the company is governed by our principles where we firmly believe in the importance of training, as well as the importance of scientific research, development and management Human resources These elements are the cornerstone for enhancing its competitiveness in addition to expanding geographically and increasing business diversity, which increases the company's revenues, always maintaining its position at the forefront of companies throughout the Republic.
  • Customer confidence and satisfaction is the first axis in the company’s policy, as it works to maintain, strengthen and improve it by fulfilling obligations and commitments towards its customers in a way that exceeds their expectations and thus customer satisfaction is achieved and the company’s mission is achieved

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